Customer Spotlight: Jason Holcomb Sr. from Chattanooga Monuments

In a world of corporate giants and impersonal transactions, one family-owned business stands out for its unwavering dedication to making a genuine impact on the lives of others. Nestled in the heart of Harrison, TN, Chattanooga Monument Company Inc. has become synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship in Granite Memorials, Monuments, and Bronze Memorials. 

Led by the dynamic trio of Jason Holcomb Sr., Jason Holcomb Jr., and Charles Kraft (also known as C.J.), and complemented by the wisdom of retired patriarch Jim Holcomb, the Chattanooga Monument Company thrives with a close-knit spirit that cherishes the power of family ties. While Jason Holcomb Sr. has dedicated three years of his life to the family business, both his father and son boast a collective expertise spanning decades. Their remarkable journey began in 1994, fueled by a deep passion for genealogy, unearthing stories, and preserving local history. A typical day at the company is anything but ordinary. While they have a running job list and scheduled appointments, they remain highly responsive to the families they serve. They believe in being flexible to accommodate families’ needs and respecting their time. Jason Sr.’s daily tasks may vary from forecasting granite orders to getting hands-on with stencil work, granite shaping, and monument installation.  When asked about his favorite part of the job, Jason Sr. couldn’t emphasize the joy of meeting families enough, showing genuine love, and building strong relationships. It’s not simply about closing deals or selling monuments—this team understands the needs of their customers and provides compassionate support during their times of grief. For Jason Holcomb Sr, engraving a family’s stories onto stone is an honor.

Among the many treasured projects, there is one that stands out as a testament to this team’s artistry and devotion. A mother tragically lost her two sons in a car accident. To honor their memory, the company created a stunning custom-shaped football monument, lovingly designed to capture the essence of their son’s vibrant spirit as a talented athlete. The intricate work involved standard engravings, skin-cut engravings, frosted panels, cameo inlays, and etchings. Despite the challenges, Chattanooga Monument Company created and installed the memorial just a day before her son’s 15th birthday, allowing the family to have a memorial and celebrate his life. During their work, Chattanooga Monument Company relies on UBlast Stencil products to create stunning memorials. The personalized and friendly service they receive from UBlast Stencil is something they truly value, making it feel like more than just a business partnership.  “Every time I have reached out, I am first greeted with a friendly and caring person answering the phone. I feel we have built a relationship that is much more valuable than a day-to-day business. I know them and they know me,” said Jason Sr. “The stencil has continued to improve as they have adjusted, likely from customer feedback. I have never had a complaint or any UBlast product that didn’t perform to our expectations. Everyone in our family business touches your stencil daily and we are proud to have UBlast serving the families we serve. The prompt service ensures we meet our commitments.” To learn more about Chattanooga Monument Company Inc and explore their services, individuals can visit their website at They can also connect with the company on Facebook.