Quality & Consistency.

Authenticity & Transparency.

Good business means everyone wins. This philosophy drives how we work.
Established in 2013, U-Blast speciliazes in producing blast abrasion masks designed to make work easy.

Our primary objective is to provide high quality rubber stencil for the craftsman. Stencil that is not only flexible when needed, but also tough under pressure. Sandblasting or shot peening, we are dedicated in providing value through our products.

We take pride in our pursuit for quality and take confidence in our process. We aim to make sure rubber stencil is the last thing you have to worry about.

"If we fall short today, we won't tomorrow." U-Blast Team

Authenticity &

This is how we do business. We don't believe in disingenous marketing, the sales retail jargon, the overpromising, and the underdelivering. We recognize the frustration of being a revenue generating data point. We work hard to do business without compromising any of our values: honest and transparent communication, consistent performance, and respect for every business and their needs.


This is U-Blast's pillar. Quality is critical at U-Blast. Quality in our products, our customer service, our way of treating people. We work to ensure quality is met at every turn and we prioritize ensuring your needs are heard.


Doing something good once is commendable, doing it consistently is greatness. We aim to be great and so we strive to provide our best service every single time. Count on us for a consistently pleasant experience.

At U-Blast, we appreciate your time and would be happy to hear from you—even if it’s just to say hi!

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can effect positive change for your business. We promise that picking U-Blast will not be the last good decision you make.

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