Who are we?

Established in 2013, U-Blast is a specialized manufacturer of protective stencils – professionally made products for the purposes of abrasive blasting and sandblasting. Our primary objective is in creating high quality stencils that are both functional and strong. Stencils that are not only flexible when need be, but also tough under pressure. We are dedicated to providing products with unrivalled value and it is only through extensive testing and endless trial and error that we are able to maintain steadfast trust in our stencil. We’re always confident and ready to take on the opportunity to make a difference for your business.

Quality is one of our pillars at U-Blast – quality in our product and in our customer service. Taking care of people is a priority to us and we are dedicated to ensuring that you matter and to make sure that you are heard. Our emphasis on personalized experiences as well as our experience and knowledge of the intricate processes behind our product enables us to understand and prioritize your needs.

Consistency. To successfully do so, we rely on U-Blast’s greatest asset – our people. It is only with the determination and technical competency of each one of our team that we are able to achieve our mission. We constantly strive for improvement and hope to offer the best solution to you, providing you a unique and comfortable experience each and every time.

Authenticity and transparency – it’s how we conduct business. We’re tired of the disingenious marketing, the sales retail jargon, the overpromising and the underdelivering. We understand the frustration of being another revenue generating data point. It’s because of this understanding that we are devoted to doing business the right way. We achieve this by remaining true to our mission statements and by providing honest and transparent communication, products that consistently deliver results, and respect for each business and their individual needs. We believe that by doing these in unison allows us to provide value time and time again. We know that standing up for our core beliefs is the only way to create lasting change and we will be unwavering in our mission to do so because we truly believe that by treating everyone involved with integrity is the key to lasting relationships and subsequently, success.

We, at U-Blast, appreciate your time and would love to hear from you – even if it’s just to say hello! Please don’t hesitate to reach out at (706) 283-2289 to effect a positive change in your business. Choosing U-Blast will not be the last good decision you make.

Our Mission

Create synergy, understanding that a business is as strong as each individual involved, treating everyone involved with respect, and to aid in their development is the key to success.

Provide value through building the best products, maintaining unwavering authenticity and transparency, use business to inspire change while always maintaining the core balance of profit, ethics, and trust.

Understand that relationships are developed and maintained through hard work, consistency, and persistance, unwavering on providing the best experience with integrity and the knowledge that each need is unique.


View product benefits below

719 (YPS/YPT)
Our flagship product - the 719. Boasting increased blast resistance while maintaining ease of use and malleability.
15" / 25" / 30"
619 Y
Double liner without computer holes
12.75" / 15" / 18.75" / 21" / 25" / 30"
619 YPT
Double liner and clear backing with IBM computer holes
15"/ 25"/ 27.5"/ 30"/ 32.75"
619 YPS
Double liner and clear backing with Gerber computer holes
15" / 30"
622 T
Single liner stencil with IBM computer holes
25"/ 30"
622 S
Single liner stencil with Gerber computer holes
15"/ 30"
Single liner without computer holes
12.75"/ 15" / 18.75" / 25" / 30"
621 S
Single liner stencil with IBM computer holes (Hi-Tack)
15"/ 30"
621 T
Single liner stencil with IBM computer holes (Hi-Tack)
Single liner without computer holes. High adhesion.
15" / 25" / 30"

Watch a brief video of our product in action

Product Benefits

Malleable and flexible to streamline sandblasting preparation (cutting, picking, weeding).

Durability during sandblasting. 

Ease of use. Period. 

Consistency – delivering desired results everytime.

Available with both:

Gerber Computer Holes

IBM Computer Holes

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Phone:  706-283-2289
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