Single liner stencil complete with an easy release clear liner and rubber with Abrasion Protect – this hand-cut stencil will hold up under strenuous blasting all while being easy to cut to reduce cutting stress, prolonging equipment longevity. With ease of use and simplifying the sandblaster’s job in mind, the 720 is designed to minimize rubber distortion during the commercial plotting process and boasts superior performance during shape carving. Hassle-free removal and easy clean-up make this flat bed and friction fed compatible stencil the ideal product.

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Widths 25″, 30″
Lengths 10 Yards
Description Single Liner Stencil with Abrasion Protect, unpunched
Adhesion Strength Regular
Adhesive Base Rubber
Intended for use with Polished granite, marble, and other stone surfaces

Toughest resistance to a variety of sandblast media

Minimal to no rubber distortion during use

Easy to use, cut to clean up